Academic Programme

Sharm el Sheikh College follows the updated Egyptian National curriculum, in which the lower primary classes follow a Project Based Learning approach and the rest of the schooling system will gradually change according to the MoE’s change in Curricula. The main language of instruction is English. However, Arabic, Religion and Social Studies classes are taught in Arabic.


Project Based Learning in Lower Elementary:

A summative and formative assessments are carried out regularly. Students sit for Mid term evaluations, mid year and end of year exams.

Upper Elementary and Middle school:

According to the Ministry of Education (MoE) rules and regulations, students have to sit for quizzes, midterm evaluations, a midyear and an end of year exams.

Secondary School:

Secondary students have to sit for monthly tests, midyear and end of year exams. Prep. 3 and Secondary 3 are SAT years.

According to the MoE rules and regulations students must come for the exams wearing School Uniform. Students who are not wearing the school uniform will not be allowed to sit for the exam until they have the proper and correct attire.

Kindly note, that there is no makeup or re-take exams for the midterm evaluation and monthly tests. So students should not be absent or miss the exams for any reason as there will be no second chances. So if the student is sick, please allow him/her to come to school and do the exam in the school clinic then go home.

IF a student is absent during the mid or end of year exam, he/she fails that exam. There are certain days set by the (MoE) for the retake exams. The school is not informed about the dates of these days in advance.
The educational department of the South Sinai Governorate informs the school of these dates. Usually the retake exam for:

  1. The midyear exam takes place during the period of the final exam.
  2. The final exam takes place in July/August.

Parents are responsible to call the school to find out about the dates of the results of the Egyptian national SATs (Prep. 3 and Sec. 3) and the dates of the summer re-take if the student has failed any subject

Academic Dishonesty / Cheating

Academic dishonesty is the attempt to obtain knowledge, information, or material from another person or source of information and to submit such work as the work product of the student. Cheating is an act of dishonesty and deception. Cheating sources includes and not limited to: cheating from another student’s work or any external source, using electronic devices…etc. Copying homework from another student falls under the cheating auspices. The penalty for academic dishonesty, cheating and plagiarism is a zero for the assignment or homework. The school will take all official actions regarding exam cheating incidents

The German  Language Diploma:

We are pleased to announce that Sharm el Sheikh College is  offering the German Language Diploma (DSD) in cooperation with the German Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA) starting in September 2008.

The DSD is an examination for all students  learning
German as a foreign languge and is an entrance exam for a preparatory
course (Studienkolleg) at any German   University.

Rights and  Responsibilities

All members of the SSC community have the right to  learn and work:

  • Free  from any form of harassment where  people and properties are treated with respect, courtesy, and care in a safe and clean environment

All members of the SSC community are responsible:

  • To help create an environment conducive to learning
  • To represent themselves honestly in all manner of communication
  • To follow all rules and policies established by the administration of  the school

Students, parents, teachers, administration must  work together to ensure these rights and responsibilities are upheld.