Prim 4

Sharm el Sheikh College

Academic Year 2015-2016

Grade __Prim 4_Supply List

Dear Parents:

Welcome back to Sharm el Sheikh College. All staff hopes that you have enjoyed your summer vacation and that you are back full of energy and ready for a good start. All teachers promise you a fruitful year full of learning experiences.

Kindly supply your child with the following items:

Subject Items required Copies and books should be covered in specified colour.
English 2 A4 copy books 60 pages Lined

2 plastic envelope files

1 plastic folder with 50 U shapes sleeves

Math 2 copy book 60 pages (squares)

1 A4 lined copy book

A graph copy book – ruler – protractor

1 plastic folder with 20 U shape sleeves

Science 1 copy book 60 pages with one blank page and one lined page Yellow
Arabic 4 A4 copy books 60 pages Blue
Christian Religion 1 copy book 28 pages Blue
Muslim Religion 1 copy books 40 pages

1 plastic envelope folder

MoE Social Studies (Egyptian students only) 2 copy books 40 pages (one blank page and one line page)

1 sketch copy book

French 2 copy book 40 pages

1 plastic folder with 10 U shape sleeves

Brown and if not found then use white
German Copy book 40 pages

1 plastic envelope folder


TAFL 1 A4 copy book 60 pages

1 folder with 20 U shapes

Art Supplies Pack of 4 pencils, rubber, sharpener, Pritt glue stick, and water colors.

2A 4 sketch book

A set of 12 pencil colors (In Folder).




Music 1 music copy book  
Other Supplies 2 boxes of tissue paper

2 rolls of toilet paper, 2 bars of soap